Pricing and Quotation

(All prices are ex GST and subject to change)

No big surprise bills here. Our fee is completely transparent. We prepare estimates and quotes for the services we undertake. The cost of service is based on the time and the expertise required to complete a task. Once we have all the requested information, we will carefully consider the work requirements to be undertaken, and prepare no obligation quotes, explaining to you what needs to be done and the breakdown of our cost.

Rest assured you will get the best service at a great price. As per the feedback from our client's our prices are reasonable and advice invaluable.

FREE first meeting -Upto 10 minutes over phone. Available for all new clients. Booking is not required, please send us a text.

FREE first meeting-Upto 30 minutes online meeting via Google meet, MS Teams or Zoom. Available for business clients (Company owner, Sole Trader, Partnership business etc) Booking is required please click here.

FREE Consultation and Advisory -- We provide a number of FREE consultations throughout the year for our 'Fully managed Clients'.  Booking is not required.

FREE XERO or MYOB set up with our Day-1 Package: for a newly established business. Includes setting up 'organisation', 'Chart of Accounts, 'GST Settings' and 'Bank feeds application'.

Day-1 Mini $180: Suitable for self-employed individuals like Uber Drivers, Airbnb Operators, Withholding tax contractors. Advise on tax saving tips, claimable expenses, documents and  records required to claim expenses as per IRD code of compliance. Minimum 30 minutes of consultation time, takeaway brochure is included. Booking is required please request here.

Day-1 Package $280: 45 minutes of consulting and advisory on new business planning or analysing restructuring of an existing business. Advise on claimable expenses, documents and  records required to claim expenses as per IRD code of compliance. The focus is to help you choose correct business structure and guide you to manage your finance and accounts correctly resulting in minimising and saving tax bill. Booking is required please request here.

Company Registration Fee $360: Includes Company Office Fee, Company Registration, , GST Registration, Employer Registration, IRD account Set up.

Start my Business package $600 : Includes above 2 services; Company registration (Set up and Fee) and upto 45 minutes of consulting. Also includes free setup of XERO or MYOB accounting software as a bonus, to help you kick start your business with right tools. Booking is required please request here.

Full consultation POA: Upto 1 hour of meeting using Google Meet or MS Teams. Consultation and advisory related to business operation, finance, account and/ or tax matters. Booking is required please request here. 

Flexible Bookkeeping Plan: We have created an online Bookkeeping Fee Calculator where you can calculate the cost of a monthly or 2 monthly bookkeeping fee, the fee varies as per the business transactions i.e. you pay less when you have less transactions (less business).

Add on Services (Price on Application): The services below can be added on with Bookkeeping Plan.

- Dedicated mailbox- for supplier's and client's queries.

- Sorting, naming and filing bills or receipts.

- Interim Financial and Management Reporting

- Inventory management

- Quarterly and annual FBT

Accounting Services: For a weekly or fortnightly bookkeeping and payroll services please contact us for quotation.

XERO or MYOB Essentials Software Set-up : from $250.

XERO or MYOB Essentials Software Training: from $120 per hour. This training is suitable for your accounting or admin staff.

Software Set-Up and Training- $380: XERO or MYOB essentials software Set up (for a new business) and Training. You will be able to allocate bank transactions and file your GST returns online with IRD after the training. Booking is Required please click here.

GST Returns: from $150*

Quarterly or annual FBT Returns: POA.

Income Tax Returns

Salaried Individuals: from $275* Income tax return for salaried individuals (no investment, ESS, dividends etc, no expense or tax credits to claim).

Self-employed (non-GST): from $400* Income tax return for self-employed individuals (non-GST), like Uber, Airbnb, contractors.

Residential Rental Property: from $450*

Businesses (Sole Traders, Partnership/LTC, Company etc): Price on application. We will need at least below 2 information to prepare estimate quotes for year-end financials and income tax returns.

(1)- One of the following to show full year transactions of your business.

- Bank Statement of all business bank accounts, credit card accounts and loan accounts, OR

- Invitation to your accounting software (if all accounts are reconciled), OR

- Spreadsheet showing full year business transaction and reconciliation.

(2)- Financial statements for the previous 2 years, if applicable .

* This price does not include consultation. we will try our best to keep the cost down, if complete form with all attachments are sent without follow-ups. Communication with IRD or any other relevant department to sort your tax matters besides filing tax return, if required, will be charged extra.