Bookkeeping  Service

As the year-end financial reports and Tax Returns are prepared using finance and bookkeeping data provided by client, it is extremely important that your in house accountant is suitably experienced and (or) qualified in correctly recording and coding financial transactions. Small businesses not in a position to employ qualified and experienced accountant are recommended to outsourcing bookkeeping work and get the service of highly experienced professional at a fraction of price.

We offer flexibility and various option of ongoing bookkeeping work to suit every client.

- For small business we have built a flexible bookkeeping price calculator, where you can build your own bookkeeping plan and calculate your monthly or two monthly price yourself.

- For larger businesses (Tier 1 companies, NGO's etc) we can customise a bookkeeping plan and provide Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly or a one-off bookkeeping Service.

Our bookkeeping service includes below services

  • Transaction coding, Bank reconciliations and GST returns.

  • Full Debtors and Creditors Management

  • Preparing wages

  • Dedicated Mailbox for communication, and filing documents

  • Sorting, naming and filing documents, invoices and bills

  • Month-end Reconciliations Journal entries

  • Financial Report (includes analysis)

  • Management Reports (includes analysis)

  • Inventory management.

  • GST Returns

  • FBT Returns

Accounting Software

Accounting software provides convenience of not just managing the day to day accounts but also keeps full records of transactions and documents. Accounting softwares are also very affordable, when you buy your XERO or MYOB subscription through us you get further discount on the advertised retail cost.


We are Partners and Certified Adviser of both XERO and MYOB Accounting softwares. We provide training to Accounting staff in XERO and MYOB. You can also request a demonstration of MYOB and XERO software under free appointment booking. 


The Award-winning revolutionary cloud based Accounting Software, provides vast range of features and Add on Apps, some free some paid to facilitate smooth and error free working.

Though a correct XERO setup is required for all features to function correctly. For financials reports to display correct information XERO must be set up correctly, including opening balances, Fixed Asset Register, Permanent Employee contractor Employee, wages deductions and advances.

Our software Set up Service includes 'Customised chart of Accounts', it means 'accounting codes are customised' specific to your business, and you should be able easily code transactions your self and analyse reports yourself.

XERO integrates with several apps and Add-on's for each industry type, some popular app functions are listed below

XERO Me and Expenses: Get employees timesheet directly in your XERO payroll and also and employee expenses for reimbursement.

Pay Now Button: Pay now button can be added to receive payment from Credit Card or bank Transfer

Direct Debit: As a XERO user you an also set up a direct Debit to receive timely payments from your clients

Hubdoc: Free with XERO Document storing and management system.

MYOB has been dominating the Accounting software industry for a very long time.

MYOB offers different Accounting products for small and Medium to large businesses. It also provides ERP products for larger businesses.

MYOB Essentials is cloud based software for small business owners. MYOB Essentials includes all features required for small business.

Another Accounting product of MYOB is Accounts Right which has been a desktop software, and now an online version is also available.

MYOB Accounts Right offers more features than MYOB essentials, but a separate Payroll subscription is required as it dies not have a payroll feature..

MYOB is in the process of introducing new Business edition of accounting products in 2022.

Once new edition is introduced, MYOB Essentials and MYOB Accounts Right are likely to be integrated in one software. There

Though MYOB and XERO both are accounting softwares, but both provide different features and user experience is also different.

We can help you chose the right software for your business industry type.

Payroll Services

Preparing regular wages and keeping track of all leaves and constantly evolving employment legislation could be hard to keep up with. Not to mention appropriately categorising employee pay items which could be expense claims, bonus, reimbursement or wages. Making correct deductions and paying the correct amount to each employee could be exhausting.

There are so many concerns while preparing wages each time.

Do you need to pay annual leave or a holiday pay, can sick leave be approved and how many? Are you making correct deductions for child support? Have you not over deducted the ministry of justice fines? what happens when last day of employment is a public holiday. What day should I make final pay for a departing employee. Do you need to make changes to wages already submitted to IRD? Do the benefits provided to employee falls under FBT rules or exempted? The new employee wants to opt-out of kiwi saver, how should I proceed.

It is worth outsourcing a Payroll services if there are considerable size of employees working for the organisation.

To prepare wages, time sheet can be emailed to us or shared through google docs. You can also use payroll app now provided by many accounting software providers. 'XERO Me' the payroll app by XERO now also includes expenses and is available for both android or IOS operating systems.

- Check the organisations and employee settings and leave balances.

- Payroll software installation and organisation set-up if required.

- Setting up a new employee.

- Preparing weekly/fortnightly wages.

- Preparing regular wages for permanent or casual employees.

- Payday filing with Inland Revenue.

- Monthly & yearly wages & PAYE reconciliation.

- Employee anniversary legislation.