Consultation and Advisory

We specialize in providing complete business solution to small businesses. As finance and tax obligations has a huge affect on small business, our business advisory and tax consultation go hand in hand. We do full analysis of your business situation including tax and financial impact when providing any advise or consultation.

We provide consulting and advisory services over the phone, via email, google meet or in person. And we also send you meeting notes at the end of the meeting when you book full consultation. Please click here to book any of the below services.

Planning a new Business

BUSINESS SETUP: If you are planning to start a business and don't know how to go about it, we can help you set up your new business and decide on the structure. We offer 'Start my business package' which includes cost of business advisory and business registration. Advise on suitable business structure specific to your personal and business requirements is important, specially if you are planning to bring a partner in a business.

BUSINESS REGISTRATION: Setting up your new business including registration with companies office (if required), GST & Employer Registration and IRD & ACC accounts setup. We offer 'Start my business package' which includes cost of business advisory and business registration.

INCOME PROJECTION: If you need a finance or asset loan for your new business, it is highly likely that financial institutions would require you to provide 'Income Projection'.

BUSINESS PLAN: A written business plan will be required if you are looking for an investor to finance your new startup. Investors will review figures and strategies specified in your business plan to analyse if business is worth investing and, what returns will they get from investing in your startup.

BUYING AN EXISITNG BUSINESS: One of the initial step in buying a business is a preliminary Due Diligence, where we do in-depth review of financial position and tax obligations of the business. This can be done once you have signed NDA and seller has provided you with relevant document. Once you are satisfied with due diligence checks, your lawyer can help you finalise the sales deal.

Our Resources page contains the link of organisation where you can find free help and information.

Running a Successful Business

Starting a business and running a successful business are two entirely different things. Only a small number of small businesses survive past five years. As per MBIE factsheet, only 37% of owner operated business survived beyond five years.

Most small business owners start business with all the enthusiasm and energy but without proper planning, and then couple of years down the lane they find themselves stuck and stagnant and didn’t really know how to get unstuck.

If you find yourself in a similar situation and need help to revive your business, please contact us by booking our free consultation and we will show you our plan for your business survival.

COACHING AND GUIDANCE:  A regular guidance and coaching from a business advisor or a business mentor can help you stay afloat even during the toughest time. If you find yourself struggling with day to day business affairs, like employing staff, planning marketing strategy, setting up business processes, please contact us and we will plan a coaching sessions to uplift your business.

GOALS and BUDGETS: Budgets are like Goals for business. Set up a monthly budget at the beginning of your financial year and compare the figures with actuals after your month-end reporting is done. Contact us if you need us to help you set up Budgets for your business.

BUSINESS ANALYSIS: Regular analysis of your business financial and non financial performance indicators (KPI-key performance Indicators) will tell you well in advance before you get into any financial trouble or lacking behind compared to your industry standards. There are several reports you can analyse to clearly gain insight of each indicators of your business performance. Book an Appointment with us if you would like us to do help with analysing your business performance.

BUSINESS RESTRUCTURING: Planning to diverse your business or looking for a new partner or may be wanting to buyout your current business partner. We can suggest you the best solution and a right way to do it as well.

Exiting the Business

When you are wanting to move on, the below option are available to plan exiting the business.

CLOSING YOUR BUSINESS: Your plan didn't work out and you have decided to close your business. All businesses needs to be closed formally, and there are steps involved in it, depending upon your business structure and situation. Please contact us we will advise the most convenient way to close your business.

WINDING UP A COMPANY: Closing a company is different than closing other business structures. The process of closing a business is through liquidation (short-form or long-form liquidation). Please do check with us when you plan to close your company.

SELLING YOUR BUSINESS: Much like a property is renovated, repaired and maintained before offering it in the market, you should run a process check and tie up all the loose ends before offering business to the prospective buyers. Your documents and records should be tidy and available for review and figures on your financial statement tell a profitable story. Get in touch with us to help you prepare your business market ready.


While you are still running your business successfully, it is advisable to plan what you want to do with your business once you are not available to run it. (due to incapacity, death, illness or retirement). Handling over business to your family and children would definitely be the first option. And if your children are not interest in the business, selling your business would be the next option. A lawyer and accountant both can help you in preparing a business exit plan. If you have created a successful business, make sure you have prepared contingency plan for business succession.