GST – Online Form

Things to know before you fill this form

-- This form can be filled once you have Income and Expense figures ready after coding all the transactions.
-- A payment of $92.00 is required, and it includes following.
-- Once you have filled the form you will receive an auto confirmation email containing payment instruction.
-- Once we have received the GST Form and the payment, we will check the information and details provided in the form to make sure everything is correct, we will also check that your correct details are held with Inland Revenue.
-- If everything is correct we will send you second email with your GST return draft, generally within 24 working hours of receiving the payment, and GST invoice of your $92.00 payment.
-- Once you confirm the GST draft, we will file your GST Return with Inland Revenue and will email you the copy of GST Return filing confirmation showing due date of payment and GST amount, if any.
-- Details and photo ID of a person authorised to fill this form is required.
-- If this return is for a Company, a certificate of Incorporation is required, .
-- Please note this online GST form is not suitable if you have any of these following Income or Expenses to include during this GST return period; import or export, customs, sale or purchase of an asset, entertainment, any credit or debit adjustments. Please contact us here, and we will send you a suitable form to be filled.

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Please provide GST liable INCOME details

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(For example, Income from sale of goods, Income from sale of Service etc;)

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Please provide GST liable EXPENSE details

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(For ex; rent, electricity, water, rates, insurance, Fuel, motor vehicle expense, raw material purchased, goods purchased within NZ for resale, accountants or lawyers fee, Stationary,repair and maintenance of equipment's, subscriptions, sundries.)

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Do you have New Zealand GST Invoice available for all the above EXPENSE details.

Please provide Bank Account for GST Refunds, if any

By clicking the submit button you agree to the following

   All mentioned expenses and income are directly related to your business and you hold NZ GST receipts for all the expenses.
   A vehicle logbook has been maintained if personal vehicle expenses are included in this return.
   The GST return report is prepared solely for the purpose of filing a GST return.
   You accept full responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the information provided in this form.
   The Income & expense details do not include- sale or purchase of any assets.
   The Income & expense details do not include import or export of any services or goods.
    The Income & expense details do not include any entertainment expense.
   There is no credit or debit adjustment required to be made from previous GST return(s).
    Fee once paid is non-refundable, even if you do not want us to proceed ahead to file your GST for any reason.
   The form must be filled on time and the fee must be paid in full before we work on your GST return.
   If GST return calculations results in a 'tax to pay', you are responsible to pay the full amount and to pay on time.
   In order for us to file GST return on time, we should receive complete information at least two working days before the due date of GST return.
   We will not be responsible for any penalty imposed by Inland Revenue due to late filing or payment or any other reason.
   If we need to revise or correct any of the information provided in this form or follow up with you for the information, there will be an additional charge based on hourly rate of $55 per hour plus gst.
   You agree that we hold the right to deducted our unpaid or overdue invoices from your GST refunds.
   You authorize TaxJack AMS Ltd to act as a Tax Agent for GST type tax, and obtain information from Inland Revenue through all channels including electronic.