Frequently Asked Question’s

A Tax Refund is a result of a combination of overpaid taxes and underpaid credits that is calculated at the end of each financial year.

Besides your personal details, You will need to provide your IRD number, your Bank Account number and your Photo ID (Driver’s License, Community Services Card or Passport)

Yes, if you have provided your correct bank account details, the only exceptions are; if you or your partner are entitled to a Family Tax Credit, IR3 returns need to be filed, Donation Tax credits or Inland Revenue is taking time and needs more information.

Our online fee is 17.5% + Gst of the refund amount, with a minimum charges of $25+Gst. You can check our detailed fee under schedule 4 of Terms and Conditions page.

You won’t be eligible for a Tax Refund service but you will be required to file Income Tax Return. We can file your Income Tax Return, please click here to book an appointment, and browse here for information.

You won’t be eligible to apply for a Tax Refund. But we can file your Income Tax Return, we provide complete Accounting services for self-employed and small business owners, please click here for more information and to book an appointment.

Inland Revenue might ask you to file an IR3 even when you are a salary and wages earner, some of the reasons are; your Tax code is WT in your payslip, (that means you have been working as a contractor, or on commission basis). Other reasons include but not limited to, you have been overseas partway through the year, you are assessed as a provisional tax payer in previous years, Inland Revenue is not satisfied with the income details they hold for you.

If IRD requires you to file an IR3 for any reason, there is an additional charge of $100+GST that is deducted from the refund amount.

As per IRD you were supposed to file IR3 return and $50 penalty is charged when return is not filed by due date. We can contact IRD to understand the reason and in many cases penalty may be waived-off.

Yes, a seasonal worker, people on working Holiday Visa, work Visa, student Visa, anyone who has been working in New Zealand and have an IRD number can apply for Tax Refund.

Yes, you can apply for a Tax Refund here, once claimed we will transfer your refund to your overseas account (International money transaction fee will be applicable).

You are only linked with one Tax Agent at any given time. IRD automatically delinks you from your previous Tax Agent, when you sign up with us, thus you pay only one Tax Agent.

No, once you become our client, we will automatically check your refund at the end of each financial year and transfer your refund to your bank account. Just keep us updated with your current contact details and bank account number.

Yes, we can claim a portion of Donation paid to Registered Church or School, or other donee organisation registered as a Charity. If you are not due a refund from salary and wage or have already claimed, we can still process your Donation Tax Refunds. You need to fill our Tax refund form and send us your donation receipts. For more information you can check our Donation page here.

Send your updated contact by using the Contact us form, please provide your IRD number. Alternatively you can text or ring on 0223431885 to update the contact details.

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