Click at the title of the calculator to open the calculator link. Please click here to find the payment due dates for GST, income tax and provisional tax.

GST Calculator

The calculator can be used to a add GST to the base price or to deduct GST from the GST inclusive amount.

Income Tax Calculator

This income tax calculator calculates the Individual's income tax.

The calculator also calculates the new top tax slab rate of 39% on income over $180,000, applicable from tax year ending in March 2022

Provisional Tax Calculator

Provisional Tax Calculator uses standard option to calculate provisional tax.

Provisional tax threshold has been increased to 5,000 from tax year 2020 as part of a Covid-19 relief measures.

If your Residual Income tax (balance of  income tax to pay after assessment), is less than 5,000, the calculator won't show any provisional tax amount.