Set up a Default Bank Account for a tax type.

Once your direct debit authority is set up and approved, it will show up as a payment channel under your profile.

You can have more than one bank account set up as a direct debit authority.

Thus for each tax type, a bank account needs to be selected as a default.

This is required to be done only once.


Log-in to your myIR IRD Account.

On the right top side of the page click on 'Manage my profile'.


On the next screen click on 'I want to..'


Scroll down to the middle of the page and click on 'Manage payment channels'


This page shows details of existing direct debit authorities and default payment channel of tax accounts.

1-This row shows the name of the bank account of the existing direct debit authority.

2-Payment channel associated with the tax account.

3-All available tax accounts, for which a default payment channel can be set up.

4-In our example, we want to set up a default payment channel for income tax account. So we will click on 'Income tax'.


Check again that you have selected the correct tax type on top of the screen. Check the bank account and click 'Set as default' 


On the pop screen you will see this message as shown in the below image. If you click 'yes' a default payment channel set up for the chosen account will be completed.