How to Set up a Direct Debit Authority

Set up a Direct Debit Authority with Inland Revenue Department to make one-off or ongoing tax payments.

This is required to be done only once.

Below are the step by step instructions of setting up a direct debit authority with Inland Revenue Department.

More than one bank account's Direct debit authority can be setup using the similar instructions.


Log-in to your myIR IRD Account


Once logged in you will visit your profile home page. On the top menu bar click on 'I want to...'


Scroll at the very bottom of the page, find and click on 'More payment options'. (under the submenu Payments, refunds and returns)


On the next page click on 'Set up a direct debit authority'.


Fill in the direct debit authority details, and click next.


Once you are satisfied with Declaration and Direct debit instruction and terms and conditions, click Submit.


Once submitted and approved, this page will show that the Direct Debit Authority has been approved