How to set up an installment Arrangement to pay overdue Tax

You can request or set up an installment arrangement to pay off your debt if you cannot afford to pay it in full.

This can be for amounts that are due now or will be due later. You can also ring IRD on 0800 775 247 to help you set up installment arrangement correctly.

Before you follow below steps please make sure you have set up a direct debit authority and have added payment channel.


Log-in to your myIR IRD Account.


Once logged in you will visit your profile home page. On the top menu bar click on 'I want to...'


Scroll down and look for 'Request an installment arrangement', then click on it.


If you have an exisitng direct debit authority then, click 'Next'.

Or else Set up a direct debit authority first.


In the next screen you have to confirm if you confirm if you can afford to pay the minimum amount.

Select the applicable option

1) Yes, I am able


2) No, I can't

If you have selected 'Yes, I am able',

then on the next screen, you will need to fill our payment amount, frequency and other details.

Once all details are filled a schedule will be calculated to show the dates and amount of payment.

If you are satisfied, you can click 'Next' and follow the prompts to finish the installment arrangement setup.

If you have selected 'No, I can't'.

Then you will be directed to a page where you can fill your contact details and someone will contact you to discuss your options.