How to make a ONE-OFF tax payments using myIR services

After a Direct Debit Authority is setup and a default payment channel has been set up for a tax account. We can proceed with making a tax payment.

Below are the step by step instructions of making one-off tax payment to IRD.


Log-in to your myIR IRD Account.


Scroll down on your profile summary page and find the tax account type you would like to make payment for. Then click 'Make a payment' .

In our example. we would like to make payment for the Income tax account.


On this page click on 'Make a variable direct debit payment'


Once on this screen,

1-check again that you are making payment for the correct tax type

2-  check that default bank account selected is correct

3- fill in the Payment details section.

4-and click on submit button, to complete your payment.