How to set up an ongoing Tax Payments using myIR login services

You can set up an installment arrangement to pay your current or future tax obligation over the period of time.

Before you follow below steps please make sure you have set up a direct debit authority and have added payment channel.

For example, On 28th September 2021, you have received a letter your tax agent that your income tax payment of $4,100 is due to be paid by 7th April 2022. 

As you have more than six months to pay your income tax, you can choose to pay your tax as a lumpsum amount or spread it over the period of six months.

option 1- Lumpsum amount on or before 7th April 2022.

option 2- Or you can set up an ongoing direct debit arrangement, by choosing the 'amount and frequency' of the direct debit payments to pay off your tax obligation by 7th April 2022.


Log-in to your myIR IRD Account.


Once loggen in, scroll down on your profile summary page and come to the tax account type you would like to make payment for. Then click 'Make a payment' .

In our example. we would like to make payment for Income tax account.


Click on the option 'Set up an ongoing direct debit'


Select the bank account you would like to make payments from.

And then click 'Next'.


On this new screen, fill all the details as required.

1-Payment options

2-Recurrence options

3-Once information is entered on above options, a payment schedule will be created.

Once you are satisfied with the displayed information, you can click 'Submit' to complete the set up of your ongoing direct debit payments.