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    Donation Tax Credits are not automated. Donation tax credits can be claimed if you have a receipt of donations paid to a religious organisation, donee organisation or to a registered School.

    - Donation receipt must have your full legal name exactly as with Inland Revenue.

    - If you share a donation receipt with your partner, you both need to sign with us.

    - There must be a date and stamp on the receipt.

    - The Donee organisation must be registered.

    - Please fill above form and post or email your donation receipt.

    Inland Revenue has automated the Tax refund calculation process for salary and wages earners. Please read more details here at IRD website and update your bank account details with Inland Revenue. Some individuals might receive refund automatically, some are required to provide more information.

    Please apply above if :

    - you want to receive refunds instantly,

    - IRD has send you a request for more information,

    - IRD has asked you to file Tax return

    - you have left or arrived in New Zealand part-way through the year

    - you have expenses to claim.

    Please fill above form online, or download here to print, fill and post or email us.

    Working for Families Tax Credits are assessed and paid out either weekly or annually after your family income tax assessment has been completed.

    If Inland revenue requests for more information or requires you or your partner to file IR3 (income tax return); in that case Income tax return must be filed before IRD can complete WFFTC end of year assessment.

    We help new families and migrants register for Working for Families Tax Credit, we will fill, prepare complete and submit application on your behalf.

    Please contact us to check if you are eligible to receive WFFTC payments.