Donation Tax Credits can be claimed if you have a receipt of donations paid to a religious organisation, donee organisation or to a registered School.

Donation Tax Credits are completely separate than income tax refunds, so if you have already received tax refund, we can still apply and claim your donation tax credit.

Please note:

– Donation receipt must have your full legal name exactly as with Inland Revenue.

– If you share a donation receipt with your partner, you both need to sign with us.

– There must be a date and stamp on the receipt.

– The Donee organisation must be registered.

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Working for Families Tax Credits: We help new families and migrants register for Working for Families Tax Credit, we will fill, prepare complete and submit application on your behalf.

– We will check if you are eligible to be registered for Working for Families Tax Credit (WFFTC).

– We will fill and complete your WFFTC Pack.

– Advise you what supporting documents to be attached with your Application.

– Check and claim previous year’s WFFTC if eligible.

– Complete and submit your Application.

Our Fee for WFFTC Registration is $150+gst and will be adjusted once your refund has been claimed. Please fill Tax Refund form to get started.

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