Income Tax Returns

Taxable income is governed by Income Tax Act 2007 and is administered by Inland Revenue department. For individuals and most businesses the accounting year begins on 1 April and ends the following 31 March. Income tax returns filing are due on 7 July each year, unless you have a tax agent, in which case you get extension of time. Please check TAX DUE DATES here for standard or non-standard balance dates. For individuals new to business or self-employment, it is worth noting that any income you earn attracts a tax in New Zealand, unlike many other countries there is no tax-free threshold. But individuals can get rebates and credits depending upon their personal situation.

GST Returns

GST is regulated by Goods and Services Tax Act 1985. GST return is filed with IRD throughout the year at regular intervals. The most common GST return filing frequency is 2 monthly, but you can chose monthly or 6 monthly filing frequency as well. At the end of each GST period, a GST return is filed with IRD. Please click here to check the GST filing and payment due date. 

Tax Administration