Terms and Conditions of Online Tax Refund Application


Abreviations used in this Terms and Conditions

1.1  “IRD” means; Inland Revenue department or Inland Revenue.

1.2  “Our”, “We” or “TaxJack AMS Ltd” means TaxJack Accounting and Management Services Limited.

1.3  “Tax Refund’ means any Tax Credit from all Tax types including but not limited to Income Tax, Working for Families Tax Credit, In-work Tax credit, Student Loan, Donation Tax Credit etc

1.4  “I” means the client applying for Tax Refund Service


2.1  I authorise TaxJack AMS Ltd to act as my tax agent, and obtain information for all tax types, and obtain information from Inland Revenue through all channels including electronic, for the current, future and past tax years.

2.2  I hereby authorise TaxJack AMS Ltd to take any one or all of the following actions if required; requesting, amending, verifying, assessing my personal or Income information or PIR rate or auto-calculated income tax assessment; file required tax returns, receive a tax credit or a refund. These action may require communication with any internal or external organisation including but not limited to Inland Revenue Department, Accident Compensation Corporation, Kiwi Saver Scheme providers or any other relevant organisation.

2.3  I authorise the Inland Revenue Department to credit my tax refunds to TaxJack AMS Ltd‘s specific Client’s Funds Account and understand that my refund will be transferred after deducting the service fees, to my bank account or a cheque will be posted to the address provided.

2.4  I accept that I will be delinked from my existing tax agent or accountant.


3.1  I agree that all correspondence from Inland Revenue relating to income tax will be sent to TaxJack AMS Ltd.

3.2  I understand that it is my responsibility to update my contact details to both TaxJack AMS Ltd and Inland Revenue if I change my address, email, phone number or bank account number.


4.1  All our fee mentioned below are GST exclusive and applicable to Online Refund Applications only.

4.2  Fee mentioned are for each financial year and are for all tax credits of all tax types.

4.3  Fee are incurred on the day online application is submitted and remains due until paid or deducted from refund amount.

4.4  Our basic service fee is $50 per year if paid upfront OR 17.5% ( minimum $25) of the refund amount and is applicable to all tax types.

4.5  If IR3 return is required to be filed and/or expenses are required to be claimed, an additional fee of $100.00 (if no expense claimed)  and $200 (if expenses claimed) will be applicable. This fee will be deducted from refund amount, if not paid upfront.

4.6  If a part or full refund amount is adjusted against arrears of any tax types, we can recover our service fee from past or future year refunds.

4.7  If Refund is requested to be paid out by Cheque, a postage fee of $4.00 will be applicable and will be deducted from refund amount.

4.8  TaxJack AMS Ltd will not be liable for Cheque lost in post or incorrect address provided by client. If a cheque needs to be cancelled for any reason, a cheque cancellation fee of $35.00 will be deducted from refund amount.

4.9  If a Refund is requested to be paid out by Bank Transfer, your name as on Bank account and correct bank account number must be provided, TaxJack AMS Ltd will not be liable for money lost due to incorrect bank details. TaxJack AMS Ltd suggest to check Bank account details twice before submitting the Form.

4.10  International money transfer fee of $20.00 will be charged for transferring refund amount to Overseas Accounts.

4.11  A minimum administration fee of $25.00 will be charged for any other accidental refunds, transfers, incorrect details, or any other action not mentioned elsewhere in this Terms and Condition.

4.12  Any other third party fee if applicable and not mentioned elsewhere, will be charged at cost.


5.1  Update us with any change in your contact information.

5.2  Update us if there is a change in your source of income.

5.3  Update us if there is a addition or deletion of family member.

5.4  To pay any required Tax Bills, arrears and any associated penalties, interest or other charges incurred by IRD.

5.5  To pay our refund fee within 5 working days, if, for any reason whatsoever refund is not credited to TaxJack AMS Ltd‘s specific Clients Funds Account.

5.6  If fee are not paid in full by the scheduled time and external debt collection agency needs to be involved, client will be  liable to pay any cost incurred by debt collection agency in recovering the debt.


6.1  Notify you of any information required by IRD to update your details or process your refund or return.

6.2  Transfer Refund Money to your Bank Account soon after receiving Refund from IRD, provided you have given correct bank details.

6.3  Work in good faith and claim your tax credit from all possible sources.

6.4  Instant communication to all your queries. via text, phone call or email.

6.5 Provide one-stop shop service for all your Tax Refund related queries and information.


7.1  The Terms and Conditions, Fee, our Services may change from time to time and will be updated here.

7.2  An update notification to existing clients will be sent via email or Mobile Phone.


8.1.  TaxJack AMS Ltd has not performed an audit or review and therefore neither the Director nor any Employee(s) accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the information from which tax return/PTS has been prepared. Further, the return/PTS has been prepared at my request and TaxJack AMS Ltd is not responsible on any grounds whatsoever, including liability for negligence, to any person.

8.2  In a seldom event of dispute, that requires a third party intervention and results in a claim to be paid by TaxJack AMS Ltd, the amount of that claim can never be more than the service Fee charged by TaxJack AMS Ltd.


9.1  TaxJack AMS Ltd will not provide any of client’s information to any third party, unless it is required by law.

9.2  All information provided by client will only be used for preparing and filing Tax Refunds and/or return and will only be shared with IRD.


10.1. Either Party can terminate the contract at any time without notice. Any fee due as per section 4 should be paid and remains due until paid even if we are delinked.